The piece was initially conceived by Alexis Tsiamoglou as a solo and was presented in the framework of the Re:Act Festival (GR) in May 2012. Later on it evolved in a duet where the two performers move from the encounter with their self to a kinetic engagement with an imaginary partner. Physically alone, but also in the presence of the other, the performers complicate the solo/duet and the reality/fantasy distinctions. The challenge to the self, by means of the encounter, is both real and imaginary and leads to its re-definition. It was presented in the International Dance Festival of Bari in September and in Athens Videodance Festival at the end of 2012.

solo version (excerpt)


live music: Sonny Touch

performer: Alexis Tsiamoglou

duet version


Live music: Kostas Pantelis

performers: Betty Dramisioti, Alexis Tsiamoglou